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The Woman shall be saved through childbearing:

• Woman: Church, nation.
• The Departure of the Glory
• Eli and His Sons
• The ark of the covenant was the power grid. Worthless sons were responsible for the power (Glory) going out in the nation. There were 3 stages of the glory’s departure.
• Samuel 2:12 and onwards: Chapters 3 and 4

Stage 1: The Doorway is closed (Blocked)

• The last days of service to God are the most dangerous (Eli is an example)
• Sexual immorality and stealing the Lords portion go hand in hand
• Eli’s sons were sons of Belial: Fit for nothing, worthless.
• Hophni and Phineas were abhorrent to God, sleeping with the women who amassed by the gate, sending their servants to take uncooked meat from the offerings made to God. They were lazy, immoral, thieves. They blocked the doorway of fellowship and encounter with God. God desired to kill them.
• When doorway and table is defiled there is no open vision. Encounter resides in fellowship (stand attentively at your tent door: soul)
• Many ministers in the church today are only good for robbing God’s people and sexual immorality. They are too lazy to work with their hands and to stupid to hold a profession. God wants them removed from the doorway.

Stage 2: Lamp of God went out

• Eli’s eyes waxed dim, laid down in one place
• Eli had become inattentive, overlooked his son’s sin, lazy. (Insinuation that Eli satiated his appetite through son’s sins Chapter 2:29: ‘make yourselves fat’)
• Contrast of Eli with Jesus in Revelation: Jesus: eyes of fire, stands, knows all your works, names individuals, warns and corrects, rewards good.
• Eli: blind, inattentive, fails to rebuke sons, always laying or sitting in one place.
• 1 Samuel 3:13: Those who fail to discipline sons for sake of reputation invite sin that leads to death through the door. God will blot out their name which they tried to save.
• God spoke to Samuel without the lampstand. Eli to Samuel: It wasn’t me.
• Does God have to speak outside of his normal protocol to reveal himself to the church? The voice is supposed to come from the lampstand.
• When the Lord revealed himself to Samuel the first thing he did was open the doors to the house of God. The Word of the Lord had returned.
• Ark captured and removed from Israel.
• Israel has lax attitude towards the ark (such a thing had never been done)
• No introspection, Treated God like a magic trick
• Philistines showed more respect toward the Lord than Israel and her priesthood

Stage 3: Glory departs:

• Eli Dead, Sons dead: Ichabod: ‘Where is the glory?
• The family line of Eli would not be saved nor regarded. God had raised his Son instead. The glory had departed from the priesthood. But God had prepared his Son!
• We do not have to recycle ministry through the next generation. There are some things God wants dead! God has prepared a Son to lead us to our destiny.
• Behold I do a new thing! A virgin shall conceive. Be amazed
Those born from above are above all.
• Woman saved through childbearing: The church will be saved through her sons and daughters.
• Salvation or damnation rests on the birth of a child. Glory rests on the birth of the child. The woman must give birth.
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