Rajen Moodley posted his experience of what Sunday’s Anointing service smeant to him:

“Had a Wonderful “Heavenly” time in AFM Church today…Glad I went to Church….Wanted to skip service but I am glad I went. Pastor Ronnie anointed us with oil & spoke in tongues for the entire anointing service… It was like a scene from Heaven. We walked through a long line through to Ps: Ronnie (Moses), then through to the other Pastors & Elders.

I never felt so important in my entire life. I felt very loved by all who anointed me. Pastor Shirley touched me on my head…I felt a strange feeling coming over me. I never felt this way before. I am a judgmental person who speaks my mind…But I will hold my tongue in the future. Men of God are very loving, I saw this today in my Church. People were falling to the ground in the spirit. I felt like dancing.


Powerful testimony from Irene Manilall:

“I haven’t been able to come to church in a while. Just when I started to get going today, my body started to do it’s tricks. For the entire fasting week, I fasted till 4pm, God gave me strength and grace. This morning I was all prepared for service. I got up this morning and realized I can’t make it, I was very disheartened, I took Des handkerchief and told him, tell pastor to anoint this for me. I don’t sleep because I’m in pain 24/7 and I’m so tired.Today when Des got home, he gave me the anointed handkerchief,

I placed it on my tummy and I told God please help, I’m weak, and desperate, while praying I fell into a natural sleep with no medication for sleep or pain. A sleep that I longed for in such a long time. Only God, not money, not doctors, only my Father can give me that. I miss church and fellowship.

With this kidney condition moving from stage 3 and slowly slipping into stage 4, God must come through. Thank you for being the hose that poured out the anointing today. God bless and keep you with supernatural strength.”

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