Prayer City

‘A place where people meet God and problems meet answers!’

An interdenominational gathering focused on intensive worship and prayer. These meetings are frequently marked by physical healings and deliverance from demonic oppression. Time is given for one on one ministry, which takes place in an atmosphere charged with the presence of God.

Hosted by Joshua Robbie and, worship leader, Reynold Naidoo

Home Cells

Home Cells takes place weekly on Thursday nights. Various Zones are assigned, so that church members and guests have an opportunity to enjoy fellowship around God’s Word within their own homes and community.

Cell groups are overseen by experienced church leaders and are an integral part of our churches evangelistic outreach.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School is held once every 2 weeks. Children play games, do fun activities, listen to and read stories from the Bible. We make sure that all children have a wonderful time learning the word of God together. Pastor Derek Naidoo and others make sure that children have a safe, fun environment whilst parents are enjoying our Sunday morning service. All activities and programs promote the centrality of Jesus Christ and the gospel in a positive and exciting way.


Sundays from 08:30am.


Our Sunday morning celebration service commences at 08:30am. All are welcome.

We look forward to meeting you!


Wednesdays from 7pm.

Prayer Meeting

Our Prayer Meeting commences from 7pm every Wednesday evening.

Open to all.


Youth Meeting commences Fridays at 7pm.

Youth Meeting

Truth Tongaat is led by, youth leader, Reynold Naidoo, together with a dynamic team. We are passionate about raising a generation marked by the glory of God. Meetings are open to all.

See you there!