Pastor Ronnie Naidoo Sermon – 02/02/2020

• All glory, honor and praise be to the King of glory for showing up in such a tangible way Sunday morning.
• Indeed this portal of heaven is open as angels were ascending and descending between heaven and earth – through an emerging Benjamin generation.

A GLORY GENERATION – who is worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth.

• Glorious testimonies of supernatural encounters with God as the Holy Spirit is brooding over a hungry generation that is crying out to God.
• The apostle of the house declared the dawning of a fresh decade where a fire and power generation, totally led by the Spirit will heal the sick, raise the dead and cast out demons in Jesus Name – for the Kingdom of God is here.
• As he shared from (1 Samuel 16/17) – the account of David and Goliath……..on this anointing service where we are set apart from this day forward, especially the next generation, for divine purposes and callings.
• There is a generation coming out of obscurity, insignificance, rejection and being written off – for God is seeing their heart – a generation after God’s own heart – that He has anointed to slay the Goliaths of the day.
(1 Samuel 16:11) – Samuel to Jesse – Are all your sons here? Jesse said, there remaineth the youngest……for we will not sit down to eat until he is here.
(Vs 12) – The Lord said to Samuel, Arise, anoint him, this is he.
(Vs 13) – …..And the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon David from that day forward…..
• The apostle declared to this generation that FROM THIS DAY FORWARD….
• The Spirit of the Sovereign God is upon them for He has anointed them to do mighty exploits…
• To cast out demons through the rising of the Davidic anointing(tabernacle of David)…
• To walk in the supernatural favor of God and defeat every Goliath.
Emerging Benjamin please take note of some powerful truths from these passages:
– God is looking at your heart.
– Are you a young man or woman after God’s own heart.
– Only through the anointing can you slay goliath.
– Find your own axe head.
– Don’t covet somebody else’s axe head.
– Accuracy, acceleration and possession.
– Forget all other name brands….for there is power in One name only ….THE NAME OF JESUS.
– Be ever filled and constantly refreshed with the Holy Spirit.
– Don’t be fatherless or an illegitimate child. The father of the house is here for you.
– Submission is vital.
• (John 6:9) – ….”there is a lad here…..”
• There is a generation that’s rising up, touching heaven and changing earth – NEW BREED with NEW WINE and a NEW SOUND!
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