The following is a brief history of Tugela AFM

The work started in our home January 1972. My mum was sick for 22 years. The hospital was her 2nd home. From October to December 1971, my mum was hospitalized at R.K.Khans for 3 months. In January 1972 the doctor in charge asked us to take her home as she was dying. We did that – my Dad and the family.

January 1972 my Mum’s uncle the Marcus Munien and family came to visit her as they heard she was dying. They requested to pray for her –my mum was laying on the floor with heavy hiccups. We refused the prayer at first but Marcus said she is dying ‘Let us pray’ we reluctantly said yes. A simple prayer in the name of Jesus Christ –that was the first time I heard the name Jesus. My mother got healed and is now 89 years old. Praise Jesus! That was the turning point for my Dad, Mum, sisters Malie, Regina and I as we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. We thank God for the frequent visit by the late Ps M.S. Morgan and Darnall board members who played a vital role in our lives as new believers.

The assembly started in our home. We had a 6 week crusade with Evangelist Danny Frank. The entire community of Tugela came to the tent and salvation, many healings and deliverance took place. Seventy two people accepted Jesus. The late Chinnakuppen Family allowed us to use the land for the crusade and the family also accepted Jesus as their personal savior. The family later donated the land for the church building. The asbestos building is erected for the glory of God. There were many challenges, victories but the church stood the test of time. The Darnall AFM Church had many pastors that served faithfully. We also acknowledge the late Granny David that served the vision faithfully until her demise. Three years ago the church came under my supervision and hence 47 years later we have this building standing debt free in four months to the glory of God. The memory plaque captures the names of the people that stood with us. My sincere thanks to Judea Harvest, all our sponsors, building labourers, Sis Priscilla Almeida for her hospitality shown during the building, AFM Tongaat, my wife Shirley and my family, AFM Darnall, AFM Tugela and Ps John Ghevolor. My sincere prayer is more souls for His kingdom.

Pastors Ronnie & Shirley Naidoo

This building is dedicated to the Glory of God and our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of Holy Spirit for the physical, social, emotional and spiritual upliftment of the community of Tugela.

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