Who are we?

Who we are ?


The church believes and humbly professes that: It has its origin, continued existence and destiny from God;

It is a revelation of the Church of Jesus Christ, governed by Him as Head, according to the enunciation of the Holy Scriptures, the working of the Holy Spirit and the ministrations instituted by Him.



To maintain and promote the good order of the church and for the realization thereof this  Constitution has been drafted together with Regulations, which regulations shall be detailed extensions of this Constitution.

The Constitution and the Regulations shall contain the foundation of the church government as well as that of the separate legal personae envisaged in this Constitution.

This Constitution and the regulations shall be the Constitution and Regulations of the church as well as of each of the separate legal personae envisaged in this Constitution.

The church prays that its Constitution and Regulations will always be an interpretation of the will of Jesus Christ.

Our Mission


The mission of the church is:

  • to glorify God;
  • to proclaim the Kingdom of God by preaching the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit;
  • to minister to the needs of the total person;
  • to develop, equip and release believers into ministry;
  • to extend the influence of the church beyond its boundaries and abroad;
  • to promote the fellowship of the believers and to network ministries.

Our Vision


We as members of the AFM Tongaat Assembly exist for 3 reasons

  • To Elevate God

Through a lifestyle of Praise & Worship.

  • To Edify the Body

Through the operation of the five-fold ministry, gifts of the Holy Spirit and through Body Life Ministry.

  • To Evangelize the World

Upcoming Events

What's new?

  • AFM Tongaat Mandate 2020

    AFM Tongaat 2020 Theme

    Raising the Next Generation...2 Kings 6:5-7